Welcome to Our PTFA at St. Mary’s: Where We Create Magic Together

Join Our PTFA and Be Part of Something Truly Extraordinary


Dear Friends,


With open hearts, we extend our warmest greetings from the heart of our school community—the Parent-Teacher-Friend Association (PTFA). Since our inception in January 2023, we’ve been more than just fundraisers; we’re the architects of cherished memories for children, parents, caregivers, and teachers alike.


Discover the PTFA: Where Hearts Unite


At St. Mary’s School, we profoundly believe in the power of community. Our PTFA is the vibrant pulse of our close-knit educational family—a dedicated group of parents, teachers, and friends driven by an unwavering passion to enrich every child’s educational journey. Our shared mission is to nurture an inspiring environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, guided by our Christian values.


Unveiling the PTFA’s Mission: Guided by Heart


At the heart of the PTFA lies an unshakable belief that we can achieve greatness together. Here’s a glimpse into our mission, driven by hearts filled with love:


1. Elevating Education through Fundraising Fun:

Our imaginative fundraisers breathe life into essential resources that enhance our children’s educational odyssey. From revitalising facilities to supporting extracurricular adventures, your participation directly elevates the quality of our children’s education.


2. Uniting Our Community: Creating Heartfelt Bonds:

Our calendar brims with events—family fun days, lively parent nights, and cultural celebrations. These gatherings unite our school community, forging connections among parents, teachers, and students and fostering friendships that last a lifetime.


3. Honouring Our Teachers: Cherishing the Heart of St. Mary’s:

Our teachers are the cornerstone of St. Mary’s, and we celebrate them through initiatives that equip them with vital resources and unwavering support. A well-supported teaching staff translates to a superior learning experience for our little ones.


4. Illuminating Young Minds: Nurturing Hearts and Minds:

We invest in programs and activities that enrich our children’s lives. Whether it’s funding field trips, supporting clubs and teams, or providing classroom resources, we’re committed to ensuring that every child here has the opportunity to flourish, feel nurtured, and be part of an incredible community.


Where Your Support Finds a Loving Home


Each year, the PTFA commits to providing £4,000 – £7,000 in regular funding for crucial endeavours such as new classroom books, the Year 6 leavers’ party, school trip transportation, and more. We’re also dedicated to transforming our playgrounds, forest school areas, sandpit, and sensory gardens, creating inspiring outdoor learning spaces.


Meet Our Dedicated PTFA Team: Hearts United


Our friendly PTFA is comprised of busy parents and carers who volunteer their time, driven by hearts brimming with care and love:


• Ayisha Hitchcock (Chair)

• Pamela Munger (Secretary)

• Laura Court (Vice-Chair)

• Milena Tsekova (Treasurer)

And the following trustees:

• Astrid Montgomery

• Tal Maginelle

• Melanie Jones

• Fiona Griffin

• Heather Orihuela Suarez

• Elizabeth Weiss

• Charles Homewood



Why Should You Get Involved? Where Hearts Find Fulfilment


Joining the PTFA isn’t just about volunteering your time; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant and compassionate community dedicated to making our school the best it can be. Here, hearts find fulfilment, and here’s why you should jump in:


1. Make a Heartfelt Impact:

Your involvement directly shapes the education and well-being of our students—every contribution, whether big or small, makes a profound difference.


2. Connect and Build Heartfelt Relationships:

Joining the PTFA is a wonderful way to connect with other parents, teachers, and community members who share your passion for education and child development.


3. Have Fun and Grow Heartfully:

Our events and activities are designed to be enjoyable for everyone involved. From creative fundraisers to school fairs, there’s something for everyone, and you can also experience personal growth and fulfilment through volunteering.


Join Us Today: Hearts United in Purpose


We extend an open-hearted invitation to you and your family to join our PTFA. Your contributions matter whether you have a little or little time to spare. Together, we’ll continue

to make St. Mary’s an exceptional place for our children to learn, thrive, and fill their hearts with cherished moments.


Ready to join? Reach out to your Class Rep and embark on this heart-warming journey together!


Class Reps:

Astrid Montgomery – Reception

Laura Court – Reception & Year 1

Catherine Green – Year 2

Victoria Schamialiova – Year 2

Mel Jones – Year 3

Sophie – Ogden-Gould – Year 3

Kirsty Urquhart – Davies – Year 4

Sarah Mcmanus – Year 4

Jo Doherty – Year 5

Rosie Gordon Smith – Year 6


And Sophie – who helps us look after our uniform sales.


Local Businesses: If you are a local business eager to support our thriving community, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


**Contact Information:**

Email us at