Application Questions

Full details of the Admissions Procedure and detailed help for online applications can be found here: and

How do I apply to St Mary’s so that my child will be admitted in September?

Our admissions will be handled by the London Local Authorities’ system. You are encouraged to do this online.

However paper forms are available from the Borough:

Education, Children’s and Cultural Services
Admissions Section
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Guildhall 2
High Street
Kingston Upon Thames
The Admissions Team will not take telephone calls between 2pm and 4pm.  Please telephone between the hours of 9am and 2pm or 4pm and 5pm.

There is no extra form for this church school.

I don’t go to church – is that a problem?

No – it’s not! We are creating a school for the Hampton community so it will be open to all, without regard to religion, or church attendance.

How should I complete the application form?

You will be asked to rank up to six schools in order of your preference. There is no disadvantage in putting down six schools. It would be a mistake to put only one down – because if your child does not get in there a place might be found for him or her anywhere in the borough.

How does the process work?

Within the central computer program your child will be ranked for each school you list, according to the schools’ admission policies.

It will then work through your list of preferences starting with your first choice school, and you will be offered a place at the first school that has space for your child.

How can I set about choosing a school?

Here’s one approach suggested by a parent who is a member of our group:

  • You should look carefully at what the nearest schools are aiming for and ask – ‘would I be happy for my child to be here?’ This should help you draw up a long-list.
  • Next you might look at the admissions policy / record of each school. For most schools the question to ask is ‘do I live close enough to stand a chance?’ For St Mary’s Hampton ask ‘which Priority Area do I live in?’ You are trying to gauge how likely it is to be offered a place. You can probably afford to include some that are only possible; think carefully about the ones that seem improbable. This might be a shorter list.
  • You are left with a number of schools that you stand a chance at. Now you must prioritise them. Which is your first choice (even if it is not very likely- that does not matter at this stage)? So you prioritise all the schools on your list. The computer will follow your ranking, and place your child at the school highest on your list that has a space for them(according to their admissions policy).

There are special things that we are offering to parents of Reception-aged children:

  • a small Infant / Junior primary, with one site, one Headteacher, one uniform, and an integrated curriculum;
  • a Free-School fresh start: a redecorated and refitted school, with new ICT and a determination to support every child to achieve their best;
  • and a Church School with all the advantages of a Christian ethos for enabling children to grow up with a set of values and aspirations that are healthy and enriching.

To be most sure of a place at our school put us first (or high up) on your list.

Full details of the Admissions Procedure and detailed help for online applications can be found here: and