Inclusion & Assessment

Our Christian values help us appreciate the talents and uniqueness in every child. Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to ensure that pupils of every background, faith and ability feel fully included.

Support for all abilities

At St Mary’s we fully support children with all levels of special educational needs. We make it our priority to identify all pupil’s individual strengths and needs at particular times as well as working closely with those who have longer-term learning requirements. Further information on our SEND policies can be found in our school policies section.


Early assessment helps us to create achievable, individual learning targets. In keeping with the national curriculum guidance, we will assess children termly and use formal end-of-year tests to monitor and respond to progress.

With regular tracking of learning performance and consultation with the Inclusion Coordinator, our staff can address children’s educational needs as they arise.

We adopt a collective approach, encouraging pupils, parents and carers to engage fully with a child’s educational development.

We believe that this collaborative practice is essential in order to help children feel happy, listened to and ready to learn.

Please click the link below to see our statutory outcomes in Early Years, Year 1 phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

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