It has been recognised for many years that the peculiarities of Hampton – a river boundary and on the edge of the borough – meant that the local authority primary schools were not able to accommodate every child in their nearest school. The need for a local school was part of the case for St Mary’s Hampton Primary School Hampton.

At that time the Trust adopted an admission policy that was unusual in that it did not rank applications in direct relation to distance from the school. Instead priority was given to some families who would not likely to be offered places in nearby community schools. In this revision of our policy the Trust remains convinced of the justice of its position but is:

  • extending the range of Priority Area 1 to respond to the situation in two streets in which children were not placed in their nearest schools in 2015 (Park Close, Kings Paddock) and
  • changing the random allocation of places (the waiting list) within each priority area to rank according to walking distance to the school. This will greatly simplify the process that is conducted by Achieving for Children (AfC) on behalf of Richmond Council, and will help parents who naturally want to know how likely their child is to be eventually offered a place.

We remain committed to the principle of open admission without regard to church attendance, religious faith or none. So we are seeking to serve the local community by providing a choice of a local, small school, and the choice of a Church of England School.

pdf St Mary's Hampton Admissions Policy - 2018 (843 KB)

Admissions criteria

Published Admission Number (PAN): 30 at Reception. We will admit a child with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)1 which names our school as the one they wish to attend, even if the school is oversubscribed. We will be part of the Local Authority’s (LA) process for allocating children to schools.

Oversubscription criteria

  1. LOOKED AFTER children and previously LOOKED AFTER children who have been adopted or subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order.
  2. Children with a sibling already on-roll at St Mary’s Primary School and who will be on roll when the child is admitted.
  3. Children whom the Governing Board (GB) accepts have an exceptional medical or social need for a place at the school.
  4. Children who live in Priority Area 1 (Hampton South). The area is adjacent to the school, and runs continuously to the east. It includes a mixture of housing (See map and street listing).
  5. Children who live in Priority Area 2 (Broadly the rest of Hampton). The area is north of the school; it includes a mixture of housing (See map and street listing).


Places will be allocated within iv and then v by home-to-school distance, measured by the shortest route and/or maintained footpath from the property to the pedestrian school gate. All distances will be measured using the Council's geographical information system.

vi.  All other children will be allocated by home-to-school distance measured by the shortest route and/or maintained footpath from the property to the pedestrian school gate. All distances will be measured using the Council's geographical information system. Where two or more children have the same distance places will be given using random allocation.

Summer-born children entering reception classes

Where a place has been offered:

it is for a full-time place from the September following the child’s fourth birthday;

  • the place may be deferred until later in the school year only, but not beyond the point at which the child reaches compulsory school age (the term after the fifth birthday). This means that parents of a child whose fifth birthday falls between 1 September 2012 and 31 March 2013 may request that their child is not admitted until later in the school year 2017/18, but no later than the term after the child’s fifth birthday, (when s/he reaches compulsory school age). The latest that a child can start school is the start of the summer term in April 2018. Children born between 1 April and 31 August must start at the beginning of the summer term.
  • the school will hold any deferred place for the child.
  • where parents wish, a child may attend part-time until they reach compulsory school age. The latest that a child can start school is the start of the summer term in April 2018.

Admissions out of chronological age group

Parents intending to seek later admission to an age group below their child’s actual age should submit their request with their application by the closing date of 15 January of the year when children of the actual same age are due to start school.

Please provide reasons and since decisions will be made based on available information, you may wish to provide professionally supported evidence to explain why your child should be considered to start school a year later than other children of their age. Each request and supporting evidence will be carefully considered and the educational, social and developmental reasons will be taken into account to arrive at a decision. Applying by the age appropriate deadlines will mean that in the event your request is refused, your child will still be considered for a place in their correct age group. If the request is approved, you will be advised to re-apply in the following year and provide a copy of the decision as part of your application. Please note the decision to agree to year delay your child does not guarantee that a place will be available as this depends on the number of applications for entry in that year and it is not possible to reserve a place. You will be provided with a response to your request before the primary offer date on 16 April, primary national offer day.

Fair access protocol

The school is a part of the Richmond Primary Schools' Fair Access Protocol which prioritises children without a school place who may have difficulty finding a suitable school place. Any child who is admitted under this protocol takes priority over any children on the waiting list. Please refer to the borough’s Primary Admissions Brochure for the full protocol.

Offers from waiting list and in-year admissions

After the initial offers in April, as vacancies occur, all applicants will be subject to the ranking in accordance with the admission criteria above and will be added to the waiting list in criteria order. This ‘waiting list’ will be maintained until the end of the summer term in July 2018 in order of the over-subscription criteria and not in the order that applications are received or added to the list. After this date parents will need to contact the school in writing and advise that they wish their child’s name to remain on the waiting list.


Hampton St Mary Academy Trust will ensure that parents will have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel if they are dissatisfied with an admission decision of the GB. The Independent Appeal Panel will be independent of the Academy Trust and AfC Schools Admissions. The arrangements for appeals will comply with the School Admission Appeals Code published by the Department for Education as it applies to Foundation and Voluntary Aided schools. The determination of the appeal panel is binding on all parties.

pdf St Mary's Hampton Admissions Policy - 2018 (843 KB)

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